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St. Thomas More


Visiting the pages connected to the darkness that will be described in these pages may be of no interest to you.  That is too bad because what will be exposed in these pages impacts you greatly, whether you are interested in it or not. 

Before continuing on in this page, you may want to briefly visit the "Home" page of this website just to get a better foundational understanding of what this is all about.  But, that is not a necessary step to understand the "darkness" that will begin to be revealed here.

In the EWTN series In Defense of God's Likeness, Fr. Robert J. Spizer, S.J., Ph.D. states the following:  "Every human being, because they have intrinsic dignity, deserves minimum justice, and therefore, possesses inalienable rights (life, liberty, property), which is a universal obligation." 

This author has been seeking those rights in Louisiana State courts in one set of actions centered in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana since 1986.  The extreme (and ridiculous) length of time involved in that expensive effort has been in part because the author:

  • trusted attorney(s) that represented him and believed that those attorney(s) first represented the client and the client's best interest and that meant that attorney(s) would fully disclose all material information to their clients, as required.  (Not limited to St. Mary Parish centered litigation.)
  • wrongfully believed that the legal system in Louisiana would eventually prove itself as just and therefore self-correct the wrongdoings perpetrated by certain attorneys and judges against an elderly widow and the author (her agent).
  • sincerely vowed in April of 1986 to a widow that he would not let her attorney steal her land and minerals from her.  That attorney was a Louisiana politico with extreme influence that in April of 1986 was not known by the author.  Regardless, the author considers that vow still active, valid and ongoing as of this writing. 

In May of 2007 Betty Blanchard (the widow) died .

In May of 2009 the original attorney that represented Betty Blanchard (while trying to convert her land and minerals for his and his business associates ownership) died.

The State courts directly and negatively impacted the ability to allow the author to prove the claims of the original litigation that began in 1986.  In the author's opinion, it did that to:

  • first protect the wrongful actions of a politically-connected and powerful attorney and his law firm from discipline and accountability.
  • then, protect itself from accountability for what it first did to protect others.

As long as this author continues to try and evidence these wrongdoings by the court, that have occurred over the years, the court will be forced to continue to move to protect itself.  The court gets more desperate as the author continues to expose.  Should the author stop, the matter disappears forever.  The author has vowed to not let that happen.

We must always remember, the court is not some innocuous body with no human face.  The courts are composed of individuals, that on occasion act wrongfully together, and the synergistic effect of these individuals' bad actions damagea others.  Those damages can be felt in civil and/or criminal cases.

In 1994, to hinder or derail the Blanchard I Litigation, an attorney (he became a judge in 1995 and then a Court of Appeal Judge) intentionally moved to seperate Betty Blanchard and the author (her agent) from continuing in their client/agent relationship that was harmonious and peaceful since 1986.  His interference in their relationship was successful for awhile but it did not last as he became more absent and distant as a judge.

Later, Betty Blanchard and the author reunited.  When she discovered what had been done by attorneys acting as our legal representatives (jointly and singularly), she became angry and she wanted to record those actions in affidavits for later use.  She wanted those wrongful actions to be known by others should she die.  These affidavits were recorded in the Paul Maclean vs. G. Tim Alexander, III Litigation.  Certainly, all aspects of what she discloses are not immediately understandable by a new visitor but regardless they are linked below.  Want to understand the facts better, contact the author.  The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

Blanchard affidavit No. 1

Blanchard affidavit No. 2

Blanchard affidavit No. 3

After so many years in theState courts, why move to other venues now? 

Based on the most recent actions in the Blanchard V Litigation in St. Mary Parish and the First Circuit Court of Appeal actions in Baton Rouge, it has finally become undeniably obvious to the author that the State courts (at least in the Blanchard series of litigation[s]) will never allow such rights to be bestowed upon an elderly widow and the author (her agent) in the courts. There is too much corrupt history and close relationships between members of the bar at stake.

Therefore, other venues are now necessary in order to record and expose the truth to the public.  These new venues will help bring some light into this judicial darkness we live in and what it can do - when it will benefit itself to do so. 

Certain pages of this website will be one of those venues.  Later, possibly another website or other media will be added.

(Note: At times, certain of these pages may not fully appear in [or at all] due to construction going on within the pages or for other reasons. In the event the pages are not there at the particular time you search, please feel free to directly contact this author to discuss these matters in person or via email. The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

In February of 2019 this portion of this website began.  It began to put forth a certain darkness within Louisiana that we all live in but most are too busy to realize it or they are never put in a position to experience its damaging effects, firsthand.  This and other pages on this website will attempt to be a narrative of this author's personal journey over nearly 50 years of work experience but especially over the last 33+ years in regard to lands centered in St. Mary Parish, LA that were the focus of the various Blanchard-connected litigations. 

Over the numerous years there were multiple legal actions all intertwined and substantively connected back to the original St. Mary Parish wrongdoings (Blanchard I Litigation) that commenced in 1986.  Over time, it has become a very convoluted affair, indeed.  (A direct advantage to the wrongdoers and I am sure a designed strategy.)  Some of the attorney/judge "cast of characters" cross over from one action to the other and that will be all laid out over time by explanations and documents and schematics eventually placed on the pages of this website.  If something you wonder about cannot be understood by what you read here, please contact the author.  The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

As this information is brought forth, you will be entering into a "dark zone" or a "negativism"  that is not a pleasant place to go visit.  You will be entering into Louisiana's "just-us" system that (when required) operates outside of the principles of true justice...but instead for its own benefit. 

In this two-tier system there is one tier for "just-them" and one for the general public.  Actually, the court is to "secure justice for all, preserve peace, protect the rights, and promote the happiness and general welfare of the people". (ARTICLE I. DECLARATION OF RIGHTS §1. Origin and Purpose of Government, As of December 1, 2019)  This did not happen in regard to the Blanchard series of litigations.  That is language that sounds good but is not adhered to by the court that is suppose to insure it to the citizens.

Unfortunately, these litigations are like many others that the author is not involved in.  It can be explained like walking up on road kill on the side of the road.  Sooner or later you get a "whiff" of the stink of the dead carcass and you turn away in disgust.  One typically avoids the smell of rot.  One rather not get too close and pick up the stink of it all.  Consequently, no corrective action occurs.  Just another "bad lawyer" joke is often the only outcome of the finding.  There is no serious inquiry or investigation or action taken into the matter.  And, that is too bad.     

This story, that shall be told over time on this website, will attempt to demonstrate document-by-document how selective "just-us" does work in Louisiana.  And, as it did work in the author's particular journey since 1986.  There is no doubt in the author's mind that Betty Blanchard would want this story fully told and so would here husband Joe Blanchard who preceeded her in death by many years.

There are many others out there with their own horrific stories to tell about Louisiana courts and record-keeping.  I have heard from some of the victims over the years.  From land being stolen from the rightful owners by modifying conveyance records to children being unreasonably and totally denied from one parent for no just cause at all.

No matter the facts and substance of one's particularly story, the underlying issue is the same.  A "just-us" system acting badly without the fear of accountability.  Hopefully, by the evidence and narrative that will be presented over time in these pages, the reader will begin to understand that under the right circumstances, anyone can be a target of this "just-us" system.  It just depends on the issue and the people involved. 

Please do not hesitate to contact this website, if you want to share your story.  The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website. 

Over the weeks and months ahead, the author will place on this website hundreds of pages of documents and information that will span over 33 years of personal litigations and other actions in the Blanchard-connected litigations that, unless displayed in this manner, will likely never see the light of day and/or be able to be known or considered by the public.  The author will send you to litigation records where there are thousands of additional pages of information to support and expand on what shows up here.  In many cases, you will be sent to the exact recorded and numbered pages within those filings.  (That will make individual follow ups much easier for the investigator and/or interested party doing the research.) 

(Note:  This author has been approached over the years by individuals that wanted to present these facts in book form. Earlier that was considered premature.  That is now being considered.  For that reason at least, selected information has been placed in locations of absolute security and the author has placed others in positions of trust to release said information should the author not be able to fully disclose what must be disclosed at the time needed.)

Some of the names revealed in these pages may surprise you...some may not.  Not much commentary will be needed from the author.  Just enough to connect the actions together for the sake of understanding and/or clarity.  In most cases, the documents will speak for themselves...loud and clear.  Many of the actual documents to be viewed have never been seen before by the public and, even if seen, never have been materially connected to other significant actions or documents that exist elsewhere.  These pages will attempt to do that. 

Important documents are buried deep in the records of courthouses in places that are usually as quiet as tombs.  Important only when connected to another document.  Many hidden secrets lie in those public records.  And now, with most researched documents accessed by technology from outside the courthouse, they may never be found even by accident.  If not now displayed by this website effort, and by this author, it is likely those documents will never be seen or known by others.

Stakeholders and interested parties, please contact the author for more information in your area of interest.  The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

Much more is to come over time as we build the files and the links and tie in the different litigations and parties to demonstrate how innocent Louisiana citizens can be subject to a selective "just-us" system that is extremely damaging when the system needs to reach a certain self-serving end product and the system's supervisors are not willing to fully discipline its own members when confronted with the truth. That is a dangerous mix for the public to live with. 

When public record tampering happens (such as the court itself modifying and/or destroying public litigation records across multiple litigations to protect itself), the ramifications of such happenings extends over into the criminal side of the law as well.  That reality brings into play a whole other group of interested parties or stakeholders.

Uncontrolled record tampering?  Yes, there may be innocent persons sitting right now in jails or prisons that have had words deleted or inserted in criminal hearing transcripts and/or in court transcripts so that the court can reach it own desired end result.  You say, no way!  You are wrong.

Extreme public record tampering has happened to this author in multiple courts and in different parishes.  It is hard to accept that this author is the only person in Louisiana where record tampering has occurred.  (In fact, there has been affidavits included on other pages of this website that would lead one to believe exactly the opposite.) 

Are you one of those people? If so, please contact the author. The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

The ultimate supervisory body (The Louisiana Supreme Court) is the body mandated to supervise and address such matters.  It has failed to act justly in the author's proceedings.   As was argued by pro se filings before the Louisiana Supreme Court in 2003, when words are taken out of the transcripts and the record, who decides which words?...and why?  Of course, nothing was done about all that when the author filed before the Louisiana Supreme Court in 2003.  Its action in 2003 is a classic example of the fox watching the hen house or an ostrich sticking it head in the sand.  All of this is damaging to the people of this State.

As a side note, there are other parties that have been individually doing their own investigations in their own areas of interest and for even longer than the author with ramifications that impact numerous people and their family lands they owned (or should have owned) for many years.  For all practical purposes, they have been ignored and/or have not been presented with reasons why they are wrong.  Why? Because the stakes are too big and it took an unlawful changing of courthouse records to get it done

The work has been done.  Their story is waiting to be addressed.  We can and will lead you to those other persons that have had their lives changed forever by courtroom antics and clerk of court records practices that are only made for stories of fiction.  If you are interested in reaching those parties, contact the author.  The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

It is only because the judicial system has simply refused to consistently and equally carry out the mandates required by the State Constitution to serve all the public that this work must now be done, this way.  As earlier mentioned, the author has personally traveled through the court system since 1986 as a non-attorney, as a plaintiff and as a defendant, to try and address certain wrongdoings that have been perpetuated by the court system, first against an elderly widow and then the author (her agent).  Whatever the court did to her, the court did to her agent as well. 

Since 1986, the author has spent all these years and large amounts of money trying to do this specifically because he had/has a great respect and hope for a just judicial branch of government with equal protection for all.  Much of that journey has been pro se.  Be assured, the "just-us" courts of this State is not a place a non-lawyer wants to be when confronting the wrongdoers (who in many cases are attorneys).  Not a good playground to be in.

To be playing this judicial game in a playground where the rules are selectively enforced by the parties in positions of power to the sole advantage of the "just-us" system is a great risk to any person on the "outside".  The "inside" has all the cards.  It becomes "just-them" against the public.  The citizens of Louisiana deserve better.

This large amount of information will be separated into individual pages named after certain actions and places and linked to each other and to external pages.  These pages may occasionally be removed from this website as they are further modified and built.  From Jefferson Parish, Louisiana to Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.  From judiciary and attorney disciplinary complaints to regulatory filings and regulatory public records information there will be information displayed that will at times appear to be unbelievable.  (But, you will have to deny your own eyes to not believe it.)  The journey will bring us to the Louisiana Supreme Court more than once - with sad results.  You will be disappointed at times and angry at times.  That is OK.  The important thing is what you do with that disappointment and anger.  Always attempt to act righteously.  Act to correct the wrong.  One should never act to correct a wrongdoing but creating another wrongdoing.

Because of the many years this has taken, many of the key individuals have passed on into eternity and left what we call "time".  That will not stop this work.  This is about no one person.  It is about the darkness within a system that was established to justly protect the general public - not to be at odds with it.  At times, these systems do not protect the public but instead certain parties with power and influence in and out the system.  Certain parties seem to act without the fear of accountability.  It will take some time to do all this to its completion but it will be worth it to expose THE DARKNESS OF "JUST-US" within Louisiana!

Certain pages will change almost daily as more narrative and filings are added or edited in truth and accuracy and for clarity.  As they are changed, they may be temporarily removed from sight.  As these pages return and reveal more, the author has been advised, it is likely, there will be attempts to hack and take down this website as well as divert visitors away from it.  This website's security has been increased and attempted hackers will now be much more easily identified.  Alternative hosting sites with extreme security are already being explored and you will advised accordingly at the correct time should website locations change.

(Note: At times, certain of these pages may not fully appear in [or at all] due to construction going on within the pages or for other reasons. In the event the pages are not there at a particular time you search, please feel free to directly contact this author to discuss these matters in person or via email. The author's contact information is located on the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.

Some have asked why post all this now...after so many years.  That is a great question.  The latest series of events in the Blanchard V Litigation is the third time in these 33+ years of court journeys; whereby, public records in the series of Blanchard litigations are tampered with and corrupted by the court itself. 

STRIKE ONE IN 2001: was the removal of material verbiage from transcripts by a judge and her clerk in the St. Mary Parish court in the litigation titled, Paul Maclean vs. G. Tim Alexander, III, et al (plaintiff attorney in the Blanchard I Litigation) and then the court's refusal to correct that record after they were caught, as evidenced by affidavits.  That refusal went all the way to the highest court in the State.  In 2003 the Louisiana Supreme Court failed to order that the record be corrected. Then, the court was so fearful that the public would view such an unjust decision, the decision was not even included among all their decisions for that day on its official website.  Unacceptable!

STRIKE TWO IN 2012: was the loss and/or destruction of the entire court record by the judge in the author's attempted and appropriate Intervention into the Blanchard III Litigation in Jefferson Parish.  Of course, a successful intervention in that litigation would have fully exposed the first record tampering incident in the Blanchard I Litigation in St. Mary Parish. Unacceptable!

FOUL IN 2015:  was the Warranty Easement Deed in Perpetuity from Park Plantation, L.L.C. to the United States of America in the amount of $758,299.50 that (in the deed) denied  landowner knowledge of certain environmental contamination yet cited in its "Acceptance By Grantee" certain Office of Conservation Legacy Project No. 023-007-001 and certain Compliance Orders affecting portions of Park Plantation. (Instrument recorded in Book 329, Page 300 as File No. 323904 of the St. Mary Parish conveyances.)  Before and after this deed, the landowner filed numerous regulatory filings and witnessed findings of environmental contamination on the property of (and adjoining to) the easement area.   At least since 2004, only 3 + miles away from Park Plantation, this was the situation

It is the author's opinion, wherever this money came from, the $750,000 + would have been much better spent to assess the impacts of the ARCO/BP contamination in the South Jeanerette Field on the residents of Four Corners and Glencoe and elsewhere.

ENVIRONMENTAL NOTE:  There is another issue here that needs to be investigated.  A servitude taken by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on land that has been known to be ARCO/BP environmentally contaminated due to operations that have existed since the 1950's that have not been fully restored and are near small minority communities that are in the risk area!   Can one expect full self-remediation from companies with these inclinations?

If this interest a visitor, the author can take you to another such situation in Jefferson Davis Parish with a whole story around it as well.

STRIKE THREE IN 2019: was again made by the court itself in the Blanchard V Litigation in St. Mary Parish and is (in this author's lay belief) an undefendable and unexplainable set of actions in regard to the court record by the court.  An unassociated judge who had no knowledge of a hearing that dismissed the original complaint signed the reasons for the judgement.  Reasons for a judgment he did not render.  I have yet to find any attorney that has ever heard of such a thing happening in court.  Of course, success in this litigation would have fully exposed the first and second record tampering incidents in the first two strikes. Unacceptable to parties implicated and involved!   

THREE STRIKES...IT IS OVER!  Time to do it other ways rather than only in the selective "just-us" system that we call Louisiana Justice!  Enough is enough and so now amist this "circus" atmosphere we call a judicial system in Louisiana (as practiced by some) we will use another forum to do something about the wrongdoings against a widow and her agent that overtly began in 1986 and is evidenced in the Blanchard series of litigations.   It is in that light that this effort shall begin!

To contact the author, go to the "History/..." or "Contact" pages of this website.